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Restoring Financial Hope

If you are facing seemingly insurmountable debt, a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix at Radix Law can help you explore solutions. Our firm knows that many different circumstances—lost jobs, medical bills, credit card debt, etc.—can lead people to consider bankruptcy. Many of our clients are filing bankruptcy for the first time. Most have only a vague idea about how bankruptcy can serve as an effective tool for emerging from debt and rebuilding a financial future.

Bankruptcy Attorneys for Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ

Radix Law understands the financial strain and emotional stress that people in debt experience. You may feel like you are facing a never-ending stream of letters and phone calls from creditors and collection agencies about overdue bills. You may feel too ashamed to openly seek help for your financial difficulties. Bankruptcy attorneys at our firm will address your case with sensitivity and professionalism and help formulate plans to restore hope.

National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

Phoenix Attorney Jonathan Frutkin Recognized at the 20th Annual NACBA Convention

May 7th, 2012
Attorney Jonathan Frutkin is the first Arizona recipient of NACBA Distinguished Service award. Read more...

Exploring Solutions to Your Debt Problems

Our Phoenix bankruptcy law firm addresses all types of debt scenarios, from individuals who have fallen behind on credit card bills to businesses that are struggling to pay back loans. The type of bankruptcy that you file will depend largely on the details of your situation:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: Chapter 7 is for individuals and businesses who seek to discharge debts and start anew; this option involves the liquidation of all non-exempt assets and distribution of proceeds to your creditors. Note that under this option, you may still be able to retain your house and other forms of exempt property.
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy: Chapter 11 bankruptcy is mainly used by businesses that have outstanding debts; a major advantage of this option is that you will still be able to continue running your business as you create a plan to pay back creditors and restructure your company.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits individuals to formulate plans to repay debts within three to five years. This option is typically used by people who do not qualify for Chapter 7; under this option, you may be able to modify mortgage payment plans.

At Radix Law, we devote ourselves to helping Arizona residents find solutions to debt that will relieve their financial and emotional stress.

Understanding the Arizona Bankruptcy Laws

The bankruptcy lawyers of Radix Law can help you understand bankruptcy laws in Arizona. Since Arizona has unique property exemptions, the bankruptcy laws of Arizona provide bankruptcy protection to you in combination with Federal bankruptcy laws. An experienced Phoenix bankruptcy attorney will explain the AZ bankruptcy process to you and help you decide if bankruptcy protection will help you.

If You Need Arizona Bankruptcy Protection

Filing for bankruptcy in Arizona means that you will have the protection of an “automatic stay,” a provision that immediately stops all creditor attempts to collect debt from you. The automatic stay bankruptcy protection means that you will stop getting calls, letters, or any harassing forms of debt collection and your bankruptcy attorney will deal with your creditors directly. The AZ bankruptcy protection laws are strong, and you will get immediate relief from collection attempts.

The Arizona Bankruptcy Process

The bankruptcy process in Arizona is straight-forward. Choosing a knowledgeable bankruptcy law firm makes the bankruptcy process even easier for you. Together with you, a bankruptcy lawyer at Radix Law will help determine which bankruptcy chapter is best for your circumstances, and will guide you through the bankruptcy process and on your way to a better financial future.

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