Attorney Jonathan Frutkin Discusses Increasing College Tuition in Arizona

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Chapter 11 and the Family Business from Jonathan Frutkin

There are certain times to file a chapter 11 bankruptcy. Expert Jonathan Frutkin explains how filing for chapter 11 in Phoenix and the surrounding areas can help a small family business in the long run.
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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy from Jonathan Frutkin

Knowing what type of bankruptcy is right for you can be a challenge. Bankruptcy expert Jonathan Frutkin explains all the specifics of filing chapter 13 bankruptcy in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure from Jonathan Frutkin

A major concern for many is if there is a connection between filing for bankruptcy and home foreclosure. Bankruptcy expert Jonathan Frutkin explains what bankruptcy is and if it affects a foreclosure.
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Timing on Bankruptcy from Jonathan Frutkin

Deciding when to seriously consider filing bankruptcy in Phoenix can be difficult. Bankruptcy expert Jonathan Frutkin helps explain when the time is right to consider filing.
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Jonathan Frutkin KFNN 1510 Interview

From the history of bankruptcy to how to handle filing for bankruptcy in Phoenix, expert Jonathan Frutkin provides advices to his listeners.
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Jonathan Frutkin on Arizona Midday